Building a Brand for a VC Firm

at•ma: the source of the universe, encapsulating the connections between humanity and all facets of the world
My Role
Website Designer & Builder
Tools/Skills Used:
Figma, Webflow, Branding, PPT, AI
October 2023 - January 2024
Project Overview:
Named after the Sanskrit word "Atman," Atma Capital is a VC focused on deep technology, health, and sustainability. Atma was very early in its development, and the founder asked me to help with branding and creating the website. I worked closely with the client to create a design brief and discussed many iterations of design. Deliverables include a recolored logo, PPT template, and a website.

SEE Live site
Establish a brand identity that encapsulates the stakeholder's vision of serenity and professionalism.
Add flair to minimalistic designs and adjust colors and imagery to evoke calmness and wellness.
left: original logo
right: recolored logos
Brand Objective:

Stakeholder's goals:

  • Present a simple, elegant, and toned down image as opposed to bright, bold or flashy
  • Bring in high technology and other target sectors
  • Evoke a sense of reliability and expertise
  • Differentiate from competitors by highlighting the firm's extensive global experience and network
Mood board:

The name "Atma" is inspired by the Hindusim concept Ātman, which is often synonymous with self, soul, and universe. The logo is two hands coming together with the soul.

I gravitated towards sky colors and imagery, such as the aurora, and wanted the brand to also evoke a sense of growth, or rising up.

PowerPoint Deck:

I built a template based on the original pitch deck's content. I designed new layouts to visually convey the deck's information more easily.

Website Mockups and Building:

3 essential pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact

The stakeholder's goal was to have more of a placeholder website for the VC with minimal information due to it being in the early stages of development.

The needs include a home page, a display of some portfolio companies, an about page sharing the firm's focus areas, and a contact page.

home page
about page
contact page